Marcos Ramos

Linkedin Marcos RamosMarcos Ramos

• Founding partner of BrFocus;
• Former director at IVIX;
• Held several executive positions at IVIX and BrFocus clients’, including CFO and COO;
• Former financial and administrative manager at Hugo Boss Brazil (1990-2003), in addition to having held positions of command and decision in several companies;
• Bachelor of Law from São Marcos University;
• Guest speaker at Getúlio Vargas Foundation since 2015;
• Studied Advanced Analysis of Financial Statements at Saint Paul (2017) and Turnaround Management at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (2015).

João Abreu

Linkedin Marcos RamosJoão André Abreu

• Partner at BrFocus;
• Former Associate at IVIX;
• Participated in the financial restructuring of Scalina and Levorin;
• Worked directly in the valuation of Peiú Port Terminal, Port of São Luís, VOL, besides other projects of economic and financial evaluation.
• Former finance analyst at BTG Pactual with activities in several areas of the investment bank;
• Studied International Business at Western Town College – Canada (2011);
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the State University of Ceará.

Chameleon is a type of lizard that has the special ability to change color, adapting its behavior and characteristics according to the environment, meaning flexibility. As Darwin would say: “it is not the strongest who survives, nor the smartest, but the one who best adapts to change.”
Businesses are often susceptible to change as well, and so we have decided to join the chameleon to the BrFocus brand, that brings the power and ability to adapt to any new scenario.